Relieve extra stress and tension that can exist in the mind and body during this exciting and transformative time. Massage during pregnancy can alleviate muscle strain, help with swelling by increasing circulation and maintaining lymph drainage, and it can ease the stress you may be feeling about upcoming changes brought about by a new addition. Christine is certified in prenatal massage. Doctor’s note may be required. 

Massage Cupping

$10 added to the price of your massage

This service is based upon ancient healing techniques commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine.  In cupping a vacuum is used to separate the layers of tissue in the body.  The suction and negative pressure enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue.

Massage cupping assists in the alleviation of symptoms by loosening adhesions, lifting connective tissue, and aiding the lymphatic system by draining toxins and reducing inflammation in the body.  Recommended for pre- and post- surgery for faster recovery times, or to help reduce the appearance of old scars and cellulite. Can also be used to aid in facial rejuvenation, sinus, and respiratory issues.

Cupping is an add-on but will not increase the overall service time. If you would like a full body massage with some focused cupping we suggest the 75 or 90- minute service.  We customize and allocate time according to your needs.